Slide is closing its curtains

(Kijk op voor de laatste status van de app en hoe je je Slide werkend kan krijgen zonder server)


Dear Slide user,

Sadly, the company behind Slide, Innovation in Motion, has been shut down. In order for Slides to remain to work, the latest update of the app controls your Slide(s) without the use of our server (which otherwise needed to be paid for)(to be released in the next coming days). For this, please follow the instructions in the app to re-add your Slides in ‘local mode’.

The app will send commands to a specific IP address within your wifi network. If your Slide was installed before 30-04-2024 the app will find the IP address automatically. It could be that after a while your router will decide to give your Slide another IP address. In this case, you will need to re-add Slide again, or set a static IP for Slide in your router.

For each phone/app installed, you need to add your Slide(s) again/separately. Most integrations will remain to work too, but you might need to re-add these as the communication is a bit different from now on.

The integrations that require a cloud/server connection will seize to function unfortunately. These include IFTTT and Google Home.

My apologies for any inconveniences, but this was the best I could do. Hope you will remain happy with your Slide.

For all the tech enthusiasts, could you help other Slide user out if they post a question on the reddit page? I would highly appreciate that.

For now, best regards, I need a big break.

Kaj Beetstra, Founder of Slide

More on this page:

  • Forum and support articles
  • Local API documentation
  • 3D models
  • Schematics
  • Source code

Forum / discussion

I’ve added the most visited support articles to this reddit channel:

If you have any support questions please have a look there. It is also possible to ask a question there. Hoping for some experienced Slide users to help out.

Local API

All Slides can be controlled locally. However, if you have installed your Slide before 04-2024 it will most likely have the latest firmware via OTA. In this case no Digest Authentication is required and Slide can be found on the network with mDNS.

To download the local api documentation click here

To enable the local API on your Slide, press the button on the bottom of Slide twice. It is the same as the reset button

3D models

The whole Slide 3d model can be downloaded here. [WILL BE ADDED SHORTY]

If you plan on printing parts I would recommend thickening the wall thickness of the parts. In the original product almost all parts were made out of POM which is stronger and smoother than most 3d printed materials

Each spool is winded up by power springs. There are not crucial for making Slide function, but allow the wire to be nicely parallel to your track when the motor is not moving. Otherwise there is a chance the wire will dangle a bit.

The cable is a uhmwpe cord of 0.75mm.


Slide’s brain is a ESP32 chip. You can download the schematics here [WILL BE ADDED SHORTLY]