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We invent, design and build smart home tech. Tech that doesn’t crowd your life, but simplifies it. We believe technology is at its best when it is out of your sight and mind. Blended into the environment. Doing the work for you.

Innovation in Motion (IIM) is the startup behind Slide. IIM was founded in early 2016 by Kaj Beetstra and Thijs Olthof. Both founders were passionate about smart homes, but believed that there was still a long way to go towards a really smart home. That's why they created IIM as an innovation lab to develop and bring new products to market that make your existing home smarter.

Our first product within this vision is Slide, the world’s first retrofit smart curtain system. We succesfully raised more than €200.000 in crowdfunding for Slide on Kickstarter in January 2017. Curtains have been part of our homes for centuries but in all that time, they haven’t changed a bit. In the era of the smart home, there was no easy and affordable way to make them smart. Slide is a gamechanger - a simple solution to automate your existing curtain rails & rods using our proprietary, patended technology. . With Slide you can start waking up to natural sunlight, and so much more. Read all about it below.

Innovation in Motion is based in the heart of vibrant Amsterdam. In our lab, our team of engineers, designers and inventors is rethinking the smart home. With Slide, we're showcasing our approach to technology: hidden behind the curtains, literally. We're eager to make everyday life simpler and more comfortable with easy and affordable products. Have an idea, a burning question or just looking to touch base? Check out our contact details below and reach out!


The world’s first retrofit smart curtain system



Meet the founders

Thijs Olthof


Thijs Olthof has a background in strategy consultancy and business development in both profit and non-profit environments. At IIM he is able to combine his passion for technology with his skills in building businesses. Thijs takes the lead in bizdev at IIM to help turn novel ideas into scalable market opportunities by combining strategic partnerships, strategy and tons of hustle, because execution is key.


Kaj Beetstra


Kaj Beetstra is both a seasoned enterpreneur and inventor. After founding the Amsterdam-based organic food delivery start-up Goedgeboerd he realized his passion is not in food, and shifted his focus to the smart home. In his own house he built a myriad of automations to simplify his life. An inventor at heart, Kaj leads all product development activities at IIM including concepting, engineering and design.

Investment Page


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