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Our vision

Innovation in Motion

We have a simple mission: to re-invent the everyday. We believe we can do so by creating smart home products that add value for people, every single day of their lives. And we’re focusing on some of the most traditional markets out there.

Over the course of just a few years, seemingly timeless products like doorbells, thermostats and lightbulbs have been complete disrupted. But we realized nobody is bringing simple and affordable motorization into the smart home. That’s why we founded Innovation in Motion in 2016. To create the next big leap forward for smart home: putting the home in motion.

We do that by building software-driven devices that combine the best of IoT and advanced motorization. Our first product is Slide: a simple system to automate your curtains. We developed a patented technology that eliminates the need for a custom-built motorized rails.

You can install Slide on your existing curtain rails in just three minutes. No tools required, and for any length up to six meters. The power of Slide lies in adding a range of new functions to your existing curtains, like waking up to sunlight and securing your house when you’re on holiday.

It’s also the first one-size-fits-all solution that can be sold in countless channels that previously could not offer a smart curtain system. With Slide, we’re bring true luxury comfort within reach of a mass consumer audience.

We’re confident that a decade from now, highly motorized smart homes will be as common as dishwashers and vacuum cleaners are today. It’s the logical next step in our common quest for comfort. At Innovation in Motion, we’re building products ahead of that curve. Products that, just like Slide, add constant value to your life. And in doing so, reinvent the everyday.

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Slide: simple smart curtains, for everyone.



Meet the founders

Thijs Olthof


Thijs has a background in both private and public sector environments. He worked as researcher, strategy consultant and freelance business developer. Building his own first computer at age 12, he’s always been passionate about technology. Launching IIM was a dream come through, enabling him to apply his professional skillset in a tech-driven environment. As Business Lead, he executes Slide’s go-to-market strategy, builds partnerships, and manages operations.


Kaj Beetstra


Kaj is both a seasoned entrepreneur and inventor. He previously founded the Amsterdam-based organic food delivery start-up Goedgeboerd. He realized his passion was not in food, but he had acquired a taste for entrepreneurship. More than anything, Kaj is an inventor and creator at heart. Over the past five years he taught himself how to build models, bought a 3D printer, studied mechanical engineering and started automating his house. At Innovation in Motion he works as Product Lead with our team of engineers and industrial designers to build beautiful products.

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