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We are a team of curious creators

Who aim to cause the next big leap forward in smart home and create products that challenge the status quo. To do this, we put together our independent minds and work in fast, evidence-based development cycles. We are a tightly-knit group of quirky and dedicated people, who are open to diverging ideas and perspectives.

Innovation in Motion is an Amsterdam-based startup that develops IoT products for autonomous homes. We do this with a sharp eye for aesthetics and high tech engineering. Our first product Slide allow everyone to automate their existing curtains in just 15 minutes, right from the box and without any additional tools. Slide is currently rolling out to our customers. Are you ready to join us and help create the home of the future?


Lead Developer

You will take the lead in managing and developing our full software stack for both existing and future products. This means you will have overall responsibility for (cloud) back-end systems, the web stack and embedded software of our products. In your role as lead developer you will be responsible for our software roadmap, and you will manage our team of external and internal developers. Part of the job will be to support our first product Slide but expect to spend a lot of your time on new projects: developing concepts, working on prototypes, outlining software architectures, and more.

Because we’re a startup, we are looking for a hands-on project leader who is also still excited about working on the code base him/herself. You’ll start in a small team that is set to grow significantly. In addition to defining the software roadmap, you will shape your own team by defining the developer roles and selecting the right people for the job. Beyond software, you will contribute to our wider company strategy and product roadmap.

What do we expect of you?

A few basics...

  • You have at least 4 years of demonstrable work experience in a previous position and have references or a portfolio to back it up.
  • You’re excited about working in the consumer-facing IoT/smart home hardware space.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • Willing and able to learn quickly: our software team will help you familiarize with our full software stack (see below), but after that you’ll be in the lead.

In terms of skills, you have...

  • A solid understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, applied in back-end frameworks and embedded software.
  • Experience with cloud-based back-ends and database management, including Python, PHP Laravel and the Amazon AWS stack: e.g. IoT Core, EKS, IAM, Certificate Manager, MariaDB.
  • Basic knowledge of the web stack (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery) and embedded systems software (C/C++, RTOS).
  • Familiar with best practices for DevOps/CD/CI, bug and issue tracking tools, code reviewing.
  • Basic knowledge and willingness to learn about IoT hardware, including communication protocols such as UART, SPI and I2C, but also WiFi and and BLE. After all – we make hardware.

Importantly, as a human being you...

  • Are able to lead and coordinate the efforts of (external) software developers who report directly to you – in other words, you are comfortable with project management.
  • Can work in an interdisciplinary team and communicate about your work to people with limited experience in software development.
  • Have an independent mindset and are comfortable working autonomously in your role
  • Have discovered that your biggest passion in life is to work agile, in sprints, lean and using CD/CI methodology. (All jokes aside – we actually use a little bit of all these approaches)


Being part of the next big thing in smart home...

...with our surprisingly handsomeversatile team

  • You can work 4 or 5 days per week
  • A competitive salary matching your experience, including an employee stock package
  • Very flexible working hours, daily lunch provided, unlimited holidays
  • Office in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Become part of a tight-knit and committed team that’s at the frontier of IoT and smart home.
  • As we expand, you will have the opportunity to develop into a leadership position within the software team

  • Working with a ‘Test>fail>fix’ methodology: we do many small iterations in short cycles, which is a very rewarding, effective and fun way of doing product development. In other words, you'll never have a dull moment ;-)
  • You’ll get a lot of responsibility, meaning you can develop your skills and grow fast. We’ll actively support you in getting the most out of it


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